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About the 127th Canton Fair...

When choosing a hat, the shape of the face is still very important. The general principle is to develop the advantages and avoid the disadvantages: for a round face, a hat that can elongate the shape of the face is more three-dimensional. For a square face, a hat that can soften the shape of the face is chosen. For a long face, a little covering of the forehead is not that long. For a oval face, there is no natural versatility. Hat and dressing style is the best, can be bold color, but the best color is not more than three, otherwise it will give a very confusing feeling.

1. Baseball cap

The casual hat is very versatile, suitable for both men and women.

Among all men's hats, baseball caps are the most versatile. Boys in baseball caps are sporty.

2. Fisherman hat

A common one is the fisherman's hat.

The fisherman's hat is really everyday. It's casual. If you want to have leisure and fashion style, it's the fisherman's hat. Many stars also like the fisherman's hat, which not only has good sunshade effect, but also shows small face!

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